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Brain Breaks for teens

Have you ever wanted to wake up a class of teenagers, or quieten them down? Brain Breaks are short activities that can be added to your lesson, as a warm-up, or to revive the energy between two exercises. Brain Breaks can create meaningful spaces in your lesson, that spike or sink the energy of the class, and contribute to a varied and motivating teaching.

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Language Brain Breaks can be used to rehearse and train chunks of language and provide the opportunity to include relevant vocabulary. The activities are varied, and while some create space for calm and contemplation, others will get your students out of their chairs and give them a much-needed boost of energy.
The Brain Breaks are divided into warmers, fillers and coolers, all of which are short exercises with a specific linguistic or social goal. When teaching, it is important to maintain the students’ attention and interest throughout the lesson. By integrating warmers, fillers and coolers you can support your teaching and regulate the energy level in the class to suit your students.
Most of the activities can be used in the classroom without much teacher preparation. Many of them can also be adapted and transferred to other subjects, so you can use and reuse them in all of your lessons.


You will gain knowledge how to control the energy of your classroom, using Brain Breaks.
You will gain knowledge of adding variation to your teaching, without losing academic focus.

Teachers teaching 5th -10th years

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