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Having Fun with Writing

Kids either love writing or they hate it. Why is that? Is it because they are afraid of making mistakes, or getting big red lines through their essays? ‘Having fun with writing’ will involve you and your students in dynamic and stimulating activities to develop the writing skills, and at the same time create a love for writing. Learning how to write can give a strong grammatical foundation for correct and powerful speaking. Our mission as teachers is to inspire the learners to want to write.

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Torsdag d. 18. november 2021
Kl. 10.00 - 16.00




1.195,00 kr.
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During the course we will be addressing different writing genres and how they can be integrated into your daily topics. We will be discussing ways of developing writing skills and looking at the challenges associated with writing in the classroom. There will be numerous creative and fun activities to stimulate writing.
Among others, we will be using: Pictures, cartoons, tongue-twisters and games. We will also be looking at how pupils can work together to create stories.

The goal of the day is to gain understanding and tools to support pupils in developing their writing skills.

English teachers teaching 6th to 9th year pupils.

Sarah Nakel, English advisor and English teacher


Bring computers or iPads

Pia Lotte Olsen

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Anette Møller Thiesen

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